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Further riding the wave of this technological revolution, India has emerged at the forefront of this growth story, with its unparalleled engineering manpower driving the world in the 21st Century. We, the Mechanical Engineers have proved our capability beyond doubt, our indispensability in any realm of activity that has been undertaken to exalt our position as the rightful owners of the future.

The annual technical extravaganza of Department of Mechanical Engineering of GCE, Salem - MEKCHAT 19.0 “Driven to Empower” is all set to drive the gears of change, propel the dreams of millions and ignite the minds of invention. In the true spirits of scintillating engineering, GCE Salem invites all Mech freaks, fans and aficionados to celebrate their passion for this fascinating art of engineering and prove their mettle among the best. You may be the perverted CAD genius, the junkyard specialist, the Automobile freak, the robotics nerd or the master machinist- We have always something there for you. Loads of events, loads of prizes and all day fun awaiting you. You have just found your destination.

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College Overview

Government College of Engineering, Salem-11, was started during the Third Five-year plan in the year 1966 due to the dream and vision of many leaders like Shri. K. Kamaraj, Shri. C. Vijayaraghavachariar and Shri.C.N.Annadurai who sought to introduce technical education in Tamil Nadu and is located on a 162 hectares site surrounded by hills under the initiation of a Legend Padmashree Muthaiyan. This was then the Third Engineering Institution in Tamil Nadu. The college is a Regional Centre for Anna University for Ph.D., and M.S., programs. The college is the Zonal Office for the conduct of Anna University Examination in the 45 colleges belonging to this Zone. Our Institution is one of the eleven technical Institution in Tamil Nadu selected for World Bank Financial Assistance under Technical Education. Since its inception, the college has striven incessantly to provide quality education and to produce skilled, knowledgeable engineers. This institution provides six UG courses and five PG courses, accredited by National Board of Accreditation. The institution is selected for World Bank financial assistance under Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme(TEQIP) Phase I,II & III to a total fund of Rs.30crores.

About Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering takes pride in being one among the three disciplines of engineering to function since the inception of GCE, SALEM. The Department now enjoys the responsibility of double in-take through TNEA single window counseling, admitting 120 meritorious students. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a UG course in Mechanical Engineering (Full Time and Part Time) and two PG courses in Thermal Engineering and Computer Aided Design (Full Time and Part Time).The Department has well - equipped laboratories, excellent computer facilities and library with several volumes of books. The Department has procured CNC machine, RPT and SEM under TEQIP - II. The Department has a highly qualified and motivated faculty of about 13 members with 8 Ph.Ds. and 31 Non - Teaching staffs. The Faculty members are specialized in Thermal, Manufacturing, Design and Industrial Engineering. They are actively involved in research in all the areas of Mechanical Engineering.

Category of Participation



We are conducting a workshop on “CNC and RC Drone”. CNC offers greater additional flexibility and computational capability over NC used in olden days. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) commonly known as a Drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard operated with the help of remote from the ground.

  • Workshop is held on
  • 14 & 15 March 2019


RC racing, Contraption, Auto assembly, Business plan, Cad modelling, Fast track, Paper presentation, Thrust car, Clay modelling, Technical debate, Measuring Master, Auto quiz, Treasure hunt, Gaming, Aqua missile, Junk yard, Project x, Tech war

  • Events are held on
  • 13 & 14 March 2019


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