Ever since the dawn of civilization, mankind has striven to achieve its best. Man`s constant endeavor to push the boundaries of his existence to greater heights of excellence resulted in centuries of scientific innovation and technological change. His single greatest invention- the wheel revolutionized the way the world lived and with it emerged, one of the oldest disciplines of science known in history- Mechanical Engineering.

Further riding the wave of this technological revolution, India has emerged at the forefront of this growth story, with its unparalleled engineering manpower driving the world in the 21st Century.

We, the Mechanical Engineers have proved our capability beyond doubt, our indispensability in any realm of activity that has been undertaken to exalt our position as the rightful owners of the future.

The annual technical extravaganza of Department of Mechanical Engineering of GCE, Salem -MEKCHAT 17.0 -“LUBRICATE YOUR PASSION” is all set to drive the gears of change, propel the dreams of millions and ignite the minds of invention. In the true spirits of scintillating engineering, GCE Salem invites all Mech freaks, fans and aficionados to celebrate their passion for this fascinating art of engineering and prove their mettle among the best. You may be the perverted CAD genius, the junkyard specialist, the Automobile freak, the robotics nerd or the master machinist- We have always something there for you. Loads of events, loads of prizes and all day fun awaiting you. You have just found your destination.


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