Workshop - CNC & RC Drone

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Government College of Engineering, Salem has a tradition of conducting numerous workshops on various mechanical concepts. And carrying on the tradition this year, we are conducting a workshop on “CNC and RC Drone”.


As all we know, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In CNC, programs are stored directly in the memory of the computer which is a major advantage over NC(Numerical Control) used in olden days where programs are fed into punch cards. CNC also offers greater additional flexibility and computational capability than NC.

RC Drone

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. It is operated with the help of a remote from the ground. While drones are mostly used in military applications, their use is rapidly expanding to commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural applications etc.,


In this workshop, there will be a lecture session and a practical session on both CNC and RC Drone. Through lecture sessions, participants will get to know about the working principle behind both CNC and RC Drone. In the practical session on CNC, participants will be taught about the method of writing, editing and modifying the programs in CNC. In the practical session on RC Drone, there will be assembling and dismantling of the drone so that the participants can explore their knowledge about design, components, wiring etc., used in drone



1. CNC (MARCH 14)

  • Lecture session - FN
  • Practical session (Writing, Editing } - AN and Modifying programs in CNC)

2. RC Drone (MARCH 15)

  • Lecture session - FN
  • Practical session (Assembling and } - AN Dismantling of RC Drone)

Register Note

  • Registration fee: Rs.800 per participant (For both Online and Onspot Registration)
  • Certificates will be provided for each and every participant
  • Accommodation and Lunch will be provided
  • Spot registration available
  • Online registration is preferred

For any queries mail us at queries@mekchat.in or contact any of the coordinators.

Event Coordinators





Darryl Leo