Workshop - IC Engines

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Government College of Engineering, Salem has a tradition of conducting numerous workshops on various Mechanical Concepts. And carrying on the tradition this year, we are conducting a workshop on “IC Engines” which will be conducted by Skyfi Labs.

Internal Combustion or IC Engines have had a great impact on human life. These engines produce immense power in contrast to their size and weight. Today, these engines power almost all air and land vehicles.

In this workshop students get firsthand experience of the working principles for IC Engine Design. By dismantling a real IC Engine into components, participants can explore the engineering involved in an automotive engine system.

Batch of 5 to 10 students(tentative) will work on one engine. Design exercises of engine parts using calculations are also part of the workshop

Competition at the end of the workshop to identify top performers.

Certificate of completion to all participants and Certificate of completion with distinction on top performers


Course Highlights

  • Dismantling and assembling the engine

Course Structure

  • Lecture Session - 4 hrs
  • Design Session - 2hrs
  • Hands-on Session - 9hrs
  • Certificate Distribution - 1 hr

Register Note

  • Registration fee: Rs.850 per participant (Online Registration)
                                        Rs.900 per participant (On spot Registration)
  • Certificates will be provided by Aerotrix (a group of Skyfi Labs), in association with Government College of Engineering, Salem-11.
  • Accommodation and Lunch will be provided
  • Spot registration available
  • Online registration is preferred